Cubism in Color: The Still Lifes of Juan Gris

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Published by Yale University Press, Cubism in Color provides a thorough examination of Gris’ still lifes and an opportunity to reconsider the legacy of this important, yet under-appreciated modernist master.

Juan Gris (1887–1927) was central to the development of Cubism in the early 20th century. Though the writer and art collector Gertrude Stein considered him a “perfect painter,” Gris’s pivotal role within the movement has often been overshadowed. Cubism in Color: The Still Lifes of Juan Gris reveals the virtuosic range of the artist’s short yet prolific career, illuminating his boundary-pushing contributions to Cubism.

As a thorough examination of Gris’s still lifes, Cubism in Color provides an important reassessment of this underappreciated artist, reestablishing his position as a modernist master. This fully illustrated volume traces the evolution of Gris’s aesthetic and approach to still life through a selection of key works. It includes original essays by leading scholars in the field, offering new insights on Gris’s elusive artistic process, the history of collecting his work in the United States and his native Spain, and his artistic legacy within modern and contemporary Latin American art.

Hardcover, 184 pages, 9 x 11, 90 color + 5 b/w illustrations