Chez Nous: Communal Dinners

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Chez Nous is meant as a juncture between a journal of our experience and a curated inspiration for the beginning of yours. Each chapter is a different cuisine that we have explore and presented to our guests. Within each culture, you will find three courses and how the meal was organized. You will also find a game plan on how and when to prepare each dish if you would like to replicate it. Chez Nous is organized around the idea of communal meals, so it is always portioned for at least 6 guests. Chez Nous inspires you to cook delicious international meals for a party of 6 to 50. Make great food to build your community!

The final chapters feature intimate dinners that I have prepared with Nicolas for various celebrations as well as meals for a small group of friends, because you can’t always have an 18 guest dinner!

Chez Nous started when a group of International strangers gathered around a table at Ryleigh’s Oyster bar in Mount Vernon, Baltimore.

Hardcover, 244 pages.

8 x 0.81 x 10 inches