Mars Lumograph 12 Piece Sketch Set

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  • Ideal for detailed drawings as well as for first artistic work, it contains a wide range of quality products, instructions and descriptions of the uses.
  • Mars Lumograph 100 & Mars Lumograph jumbo 100J pencils to sketch the basics of the artwork and draw gentle pencil strokes
  • Fineliner pigment liner 308 for surround and contouring the motif after the baseline lines have been pre-drawn
  • The set also includes an eraser and a metal double sharpener to sharpen the drawing pencils.
  • Box contents: 4 premium pencils (hardening 4H, 2H, H, HB), 3 jumbo pencils (hardening 4B, 6B, 8B), 3 black pigment fineliner (line width 03 mm, 05 mm, 1.0 mm), 1 eraser, 1 metal double sharpener